CES 2021: Arlo Introduces A Touchless Doorbell When You Need To Confuse Visitors

As one of the highest touch devices for anyone visiting the home, the evolution of the doorbell was inevitable.

We’ve reviewed Arlo’s products in the past, and are familiar how their new doorbell might play out.

NOT the new Arlo Touchless Video Doorbell

After all, most smart doorbells are powered by motion, and we get a ping each time someone steps into its field-of-view.

This is how Arlo describes their new Touchless Video Doorbell –

Leveraging precise Proximity Sensing Technology to gauge a visitor’s distance, the Arlo Touchless Video Doorbell zeros in on a visitor’s approach. Once detected, the guest hears an audible chime and sees a visible light, signalling the doorbell has been “pressed” and the homeowner has been alerted – all before they come into physical contact with the device.

Arlo’s tech is pretty spot-on, being able to distinguish between different objects in front of the camera. From parcels, animals, vehicles, and humans, it all gets helpfully categorized so as not to send excessive pings to your phone.

Hence, based on how Arlo has described their new doorbell, it’s definitely something that can be implemented into their existing devices.

Sadly there’s no images of their newest product. But, with their existing hardware packed with lights and sound, it could take a small update to reward early Arlo adopters.

We love your products Arlo but could it be a bit more affordable?