Celebrate the Lunar New Year Spirit with Universal Studios Singapore and SEA Aquarium!

January has ended, and February has rolled around, which means it’s about time to usher the first of many joyous occasions in Singapore.

Enter the Lunar New Year, a period of cheerful, ditty festive tunes, food goodies, time-honoured custom practices, and traditional performances.

From February 9 – 25, 2018, and February 9 – 28, 2018, respective visitors of Universal Studios Singapore (USS) and the SEA Aquarium have the chance to bask in the atmosphere, and enjoy said traditional performances – but with a twist.

Headlining the celebratory event is the all-new Majestic Dragon Trail, a reimagined spectacle inspired by the traditional dragon dance. The 20-minute performance sees the brightly-coloured dragon making its round around the theme park, with the starting point being the New York Zone.

With deft movements, and smooth dips-and-raises, the dragon dance oozes captivating charm, and a renewed sense of tradition. The entire experience is made more memorable with the appearances of various traditional-clothed characters along the way, such as Shrek, Anubis, and Sesame Street’s Elmo and Cookie Monster, who also take over the mantle to lead the dragon in its dance.

It’s all exciting and enjoyable, especially for the young’uns, and the photo moments mean that a visual-worthy Instagram post is in order.

For those with an appreciation for all things music, Mel’s Dim Sum Dinettes are here to provide a mash-up of old classics, modern tunes, and popular Lunar New Year songs. Dressed in a cheongsam getup, the trio will take to the stage and belt out notes with adroit familiarity, with little dance sequences peppered in between each performance.

Alongside them would be the resident b-boy crew The Rockafellas, who are set to impress the crowd with their martial art demonstrations, and heart-thumping acrobatic dances.

In addition to the above events, USS will host the following programmes as well:

Elmo’s TV Time (Pantage Hollywood Theatres): A year-round performance, this original production will see Elmo directing his own TV channel, where guests can join Jim Magination as the lovable red monster mixes up comedy shows, action hits, and a reality talent competition. A perfect throwback to one’s childhood.

Hollywood China Arcade (Hollywood Zone): Remember the days of watching an arcade machine eat your pretty pennies as you try your hand at the claw machines? Get the chance to relive the experience over at the Hollywood China Arcade, which boasts some old-school fun, such as racing games to claw crane machines – plus, enjoy one-for-one credit for a minimum spending of S$38 in one receipt!

Hello Kitty Studio (Hollywood Zone): Step into the adorable world of beloved icon Hello Kitty, and immerse yourself within a sea of exclusive merchandise.

Over at the SEA Aquarium, the lion dance is once again given a new lease of life – underwater. A returning favourite, Singapore’s only underwater dragon dance performance features divers in festive costumes as they execute the choreography alongside 40,000 marine creatures, such as manta rays and zebra sharks.

Fans of Chinese mythology will be in for a treat – the 2018 edition sports new characters, costumes, and a storyline that has the Sea Goddess guiding the underwater dragon through various marine habitats, before regaling the tale of the Fish of Fortune at the Ocean Dome.

Accompanying the star event at the SEA Aquarium are:

Trail of Fortunes: Uncover fun facts about marine life considered auspicious in Chinese culture, learn about ocean-conservation methods, read up on the 12 zodiac animal signs and their respective symbolic attributes, alongside a new fact about their marine counterparts.

Shark Exhibition: Held in partnership with James Cook University, the booth allows visitors to get an up-close look at the biology of a shark and its anatomy, discover the various fascinating species, and understand the conservation efforts to protect these marine creatures.

Mascot Meet: Perfect for the young ones, this small event gives kids the opportunity to meet Mai the Manta Ray and Sam the Hammerhead Shark – the aquarium’s adorable mascots who will be dressed in Chinese-inspired garb.

Entry to USS’ Lunar New Year celebration is included with paid park admission (S$72 for adult one-day ticket + S$5 meal voucher), and visitors have up till 8pm and 9pm on select nights to soak in the festivities, in addition to access to the rides and world-class attractions. Meanwhile, Singapore residents enjoy discounts on admission at S$34, with the pricing for children and senior citizens available at S$22.

More information can be found at Resorts World Sentosa’s main website.