‘Cattails: Wildwood Story’ Scores Paw-fect Steam Reviews As ‘Stardew Valley’ Copycat

Living life as a cat is the ultimate dream, but where Annapurna Interactive’s Stray puts feline lovers in a dangerous cyberpunk world, Cattails: Wildwood Story promises a more idyllic experience. And it’s been a hit among the Steam crowd so far, scoring a perfect positive review count.

Cattails: Wildwood Story Steam Reviews

A spin on the Stardew Valley formula, the cozy RPG sees players taking on the role of a cat determined to grow a feline town, defend it from intruders, and build a strong-knit family. There’s farming, exploration, item collection, villager interactions, and combat (read: hunting small animals for food), as well as a befriending, dating, marriage, and parenting system. One of the best parts, though, has got to be the rival marriages, which is such a cat-specific trait.

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The sequel to the 2017 original also features a colony-building element that allows you to pick where to settle down, from a sunny beach to even a volcano. As for customisation, the day / night cycle can be sped up or slowed down, and the hunting and battling difficulty levels can be adjusted. Of course, customisation is the name of the game here, so players are free to doll up their den, colony, and cat as they wish.

Cattails: Wildwood Story launched on 20 October, and currently has 285 reviews. The full description of the game reads, “Become a cat! In this cozy life sim RPG, you’ll lead your colony into the mysterious Wildwood. Hunt prey, harvest herbs, collect magical treasures, & defend your new home from intruders. Build a thriving town to recruit new cats. Get to know the residents, fall in love, & raise a litter of kittens!”