Call of Duty: Vanguard’s Attack on Titan Content Update Feels Rather Out Of Place

In a crossover that no one saw coming, the acclaimed manga and anime series Attack on Titan is coming to Call of Duty: Vanguard and Call of Duty: Warzone Pacific in the first major update for the games in 2022.

In this mid-season update bundle, Daniel Yatsu will get to put on the iconic Survey Corps uniform and will include a new Operator, a new weapon, additional Zombies content, and more.

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For those who want more Attack on Titan goodness, a DLC will also be released, the Tracer Pack: Attack on Titan – Levi Edition Bundle. This 10-item bundle includes the Titan Piercer, a weapon blueprint that brings the Titan slaying blades into the game, Steel Cut finishing move, Vertical Maneuver highlight intro, Ultrahard Steel MVP highlight, and a couple of assault rifle weapon blueprints. The other items, a Secret Keeper key weapon charm, Wings of Freedom emblem, and One Hot Potato sticker are references that fans of the anime and manga series will recognise.

Still, given Call of Duty‘s realistic graphical style, it seems to be a mismatch for Attack on Titan‘s stylised and fantastical animation. Perhaps a game with a more cartoony art style would make for a better fit.

Based on the replies on the Twitter thread, players are both confused and weirded out by the collaboration as it doesn’t seem to fit the realistic tones of Call of Duty nor the over-the-top absurd action of Attack on Titan.

This update will be officially available starting 20 January, with it being downloadable on 11 January and 12 January for Vanguard and Warzone Pacific respectively. The Tracer Pack bundle will be available via the in-game store for 2,400 CP (US$19.99).