BioShock Creator Ken Levine Promises “Weird Sh*t” In His Next Game

There might be a new BioShock game in development but series creator Ken Levine is not involved in it at all. Instead, he’s been hard at work developing another new game for Take-Two Interactive that still remains largely a mystery till now.

Speaking at a panel at the GameLab 2020 event, Levine offered a few teasers on his new project and according to him, players can expect to see some “weird sh*t” in the new game.

“I can’t really talk about the new game but there’s some weird sh*t in it. I think if you don’t have people saying, ‘that sounds a little insane’, you haven’t gone close enough to the edge.”

He adds, “Because the great stuff exists on the edge of ‘over the top’ and ‘just OK’ [and] sometimes you’ve got to push past the point and make something outrageous and ridiculous, then pull it back.”

Levine also stressed on the importance of giving players ownership over what they find in the game, to help enrich their gaming experience, “I just want to keep the player going, going, going. I want to respect their time. I also don’t want to put things in front of them because if they find something, versus having it put in their face, they’re going to feel a lot more ownership over that moment.”

Levine parted ways with the BioShock franchise following 2013’s BioShock Infinite, where he closed down development studio Irrational Games to open Ghost Story Games, which is the studio now working on his current project.

According to Levine, his newest project will be a first-person sci-fi title, but little else is known about the upcoming game.