With Justice League hitting theatres this week, the excitement for all superhero and DC Comics fans is simply electrifying. What better way to stoke that hype than to have one of the Caped Crusader’s vehicles come to life, and as a scale model to boot!

Housed in VivoCity, Batman’s Knightcrawler is most similar to a high-tech tank, it reminds me of Metal Gear, and took about a year from conceptualizing to becoming reality. At 14m long and 3.4m high, the scale model was kept securely under wraps from everyone except the filmmakers.

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Armed with a flamethrower, cannons and machine guns, this is certainly not a vehicle of peace, and certainly a departure from the usual Batman we know. However, in the cinematic universe, we now find ourselves in, this is par for the course.

The Knightcrawler will reside in Singapore exclusively till December 3rd, before making its way back to Warner Bros. back in Los Angeles. Eager fans, this is probably your one and only chance to grab a photo-op, so do not hesitate, you might even see the Justice League there!

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