Back 4 Blood – Best Weapons Guide

When it comes to killing the undead, there is no substitute for a reliable bullet through the head. On that front, there are plenty of options at your disposal when you jump into Back 4 Blood. With a variety of assault rifles, machine guns, sidearms, shotguns, and more, knowing which is the best for your playstyle will help you survive longer; hence, Geek Culture’s Back 4 Blood Best Weapons Guide is your new best friend.

Your preference might matter, but sometimes, pure numbers will win the day. Here’s what you can potentially look forward to when fighting against the Ridden in Back 4 Blood.

Best Weapons in Back 4 Blood

Best Sidearm – Tec-9

Back 4 Blood – Best Weapons Guide - Tec-9

With no rounds left for your primary weapon, the last thing you need is an ineffective sidearm. The Tec-9 is great for spraying and praying, and with Ridden up in your face, there is no need to care about accuracy. No aiming, just hold down the trigger for a bloody fun time.

Best Melee Weapon – Fire Axe

Back 4 Blood – Best Weapons Guide - Fire Axe

Bullets will run out, a sharp Fire Axe is always going to be there for you. If you can forego a sidearm for a melee weapon, choose the Fire Axe. It deals huge damage when it hits, and you can buy yourself precious breathing room when surrounded. Just note that it requires a chunk of your stamina to use, so tailor your deck accordingly.

Best Assault Rifle – M4 Carbine

Back 4 Blood – Best Weapons Guide - M4 Carbine

How can you have a Ridden apocalypse without a trusty assault rifle? The M4 Carbine is one of the best weapons in Back 4 Blood simply because of its overall well-roundedness. The recoil is manageable, its damage output is on the high side, and all the Cleaners can handle it well.

Whether you are aiming down sights or using it from the hip, the M4 Carbine is going to do well for most players.

Best Submachine Gun – MP5

Back 4 Blood – Best Weapons Guide - MP5

Another reliable source of damage comes in the form of the MP5, which gives you considerable stopping power while still allowing you to zip around. The only downside is its high rate of fire will require you to constantly reload. Find a horde of zombies, keep moving and keep firing, that is the solution for keeping you alive.

Best Shotgun – AA12

Back 4 Blood – Best Weapons Guide - AA12

What is better than a powerful shotgun? A powerful shotgun that fires quickly, that’s what. The AA12’s high fire rate combined with its boomstick power makes it a prime choice for players who love getting into the thick of it. A great leveller to have, just do not be expecting to hit weak points consistently with this shotgun even if it’s one of the best Back 4 Blood weapons.

Best Light Machine Gun – M249

Back 4 Blood – Best Weapons Guide - M249

If you are outnumbered and need a quick solution, we will recommend the M249. The light machine gun has plenty of ammo to spare, not to mention high stopping power, all of which makes light work of any Ridden unfortunate enough to be in your way. Even with the longer reload time, this weapon is well worth a pick.

Best Sniper Rifle – M1A

Back 4 Blood – Best Weapons Guide - M1A

If for some reason you prefer to deal damage in a considered manner and from afar, the M1A sniper rifle is your best weapon of choice in Back 4 Blood. Despite its relatively lower power compared to other sniper rifles, it compensates for that with its high fire rate. If a headshot does not connect, several body shots will put any Ridden down.

How to Obtain Weapons in Back 4 Blood

Getting new weapons in the game is a pure game of chance, whether you are picking them off the floor or buying it from the store in between levels. So, if you see something you like, be sure to grab it straight away.

This way, you can apply new upgrades that can suit you more, and become even more effective down the line. You are better off spending that Copper while you are alive better than when you are dead.

Now that you are armed to the teeth with not just knowledge but also the right weapons for the job, it is time for you to take back the world from the Ridden. If you require more help in the world of Back 4 Blood other than the best weapons, be sure to visit the Geek Culture Back 4 Blood Wiki Guide for more assistance.