ASUS Desktop OLED Monitor

ASUS’ US$3,500 Desktop-Sized OLED Monitor Wants To Be Part Of Your Productivity Suite

OLED screens are no longer home to premium laptops nowadays, with more PC monitors bringing the contrast-rich panel to their builds. ASUS is the latest to adopt the trend, as it looks to roll out the 31-inch ProArt PA32DC for professionals and creatives — and it doesn’t come cheap.

The 4K OLED desktop monitor will retail for US$3,500 on the official ASUS website when it launches sometime this October, with a slew of features to support appropriately-sized work, such as 100 percent sRGB, 99 percent DCI-P3 and Adobe RGB, and a uniform brightness setting that caps at 250 nits. The use of a standard RGB subpixel layout here means that images are clearer when viewed closely, and visual artifacts are reduced in high-contrast areas.

More notably, the display comes calibrated for creative work, with a motorised colourimeter integrated into the top of its chassis. Users can set it to wake, warm up, and calibrate the monitor via software, which marks an improvement over similar OLED models for creative productivity. It makes a good fit on the top of a desk as well, sporting a pair of metal feet that screw into the base.

Other notable features include mounting areas for cable management hooks, 65W USB-C power delivery, and port options comprising a DisplayPort 1.4, three HDMI 2.0 ports, four USB-A ports, a headphone jack.

To reduce the looming threat of burn-in, the ASUS desktop monitor has also been outfitted with a set of dedicated tools: a proximity sensor, which enables the display to dim automatically if nobody’s around, a “screen protection” feature, which darkens the screen if no change in signal is detected, and pixel shift, which occasionally moves the display area using a small group of additional pixels around the monitor’s edge. It’s quite a bit of cutting-edge technology at play, so the US$3,500 price tag isn’t all that surprising anymore.