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Arnold Schwarzenegger’s Commando Rocket Launcher iPhone 11 Case Is Now A Reality

If you need another reason to splurge on that new iPhone 11, here’s one. Originally circulating on the net as a joke meme has now turned into an actual product of John Matrix (Arnold Schwarzenegger) from the 1985 Commando movie, where he fires an M202 FLASH rocket launcher.

Sure, the M202 FLASH has 4 tubes, so for the geeks who want a more accurate look, perhaps iPhone 12 next year might offer it up? We’ll just have to wait and see.

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For now, the iPhone 11 / Pro / Pro Max case is already selling online via AliExpress for US$3.51 – 4.39 depending if you chose the tempered glass or silicone version. There are even 3 design variants to choose from.

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