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Android 8.0 – A Sweet Oreo Treat for Your Phone

The news is now O-fficial, the latest version of Android has been christened the Oreo, and will be coming to a device near you by year’s end. With the name finally revealed, in a ceremony held in Manhattan during the solar eclipse no less, here’s what you can expect from your cookie-themed operating system later in the year.

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Android 8.0 Oreo is going to try its very best to make your smartphone even better, making it more powerful, secure, fast, smart, and seamless. Starting off with the battery life, the new OS will help by minimising unintentional overuse of your power from background apps, and make sure your battery goes longer without charging. Oreo also adds a new picture-in-picture mode, allowing user to see two apps at once and multitask like a pro. Notification dots help make sure you get to see what’s new in your apps, and a simple tap will let you take action on these notices immediately. The new OS will also come with Google Play Protect built in, and all information regarding your security status will be presented prominently in your settings. The added security will also mean tighter app install controls.

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Android Oreo improves the boot speed of your smartphones (twice as fast on a Pixel!) so your day can get started right away. The new Autofill function will, with your permissions, remember your logins and get you into the apps you want quickly. The Smart text select will help identify addresses or phone numbers instantly, complete with shortcuts to the relevant apps. Support for Android Instant Apps will mean installation is skipped straightway, neato! Of course, there will also be new emoji to join the large variety of faces already present in your keyboard.

Are you excited about the latest iteration of Android’s operating system? We look forward to dunking the Oreo into testing milk very soon, so stay tuned for more updates in the future!

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