Devastator is by far the most popular Transformer Combiner in the franchise history. After all, the bot was the first to ever appear in the comic and had a starring role in the movie as well. Fast forward many years to the future and we have excellent first party and third party iterations of the green giant.

All these images have been carefully curated by Imgur user WarGroovy, so check his main post out!

Hasbro – Combiner Wars – Devastator

Size: 18 Inches Tall
Price: US$149.99
Official and most value for your buck!

Hasbro - Combiner Wars - Devastator

War in Pocket – Hulkie

Size: 8 Inches Tall
Price: US$160

War in Pocket - Hulkie

Maketoys – Green Giant

Size: 12 Inches Tall
Price: US$400

Maketoys - Green Giant

TFC – Hercules

Size: 15 Inches Tall
Price: US$600

TFC - Hercules

Generation Toys – Gravity Builder

Size: 15 Inches Tall
Price: US$600

Generation Toys - Gravity Builder

Takara Tomy Warriors Unite

Similar to Hasbro’s above with retractable visor and alternate paint job

takara tomy devastator 1

takara tomy devastator

Figures arranged according to height

Hulkie, G1, Green Giant, Hercules, Gravity Builder, Devastator
L-R: Hulkie, G1, Green Giant, Hercules, Gravity Builder, Devastator

Pitvite’s Devastator Kitbash

Size: 14.5 Inches tall

Pitvite's Devastator Kitbash

FrenzyRumble’s Devastator3 Kitbash

FrenzyRumble's Devastator3 Kitbash

It’s amazing to see how far Devastator has come and the efforts put in my third party manufacturers but what really surprised me was the quality of Hasbro’s newest release.

Will any one of these be sitting on your shelf soon or do you have already one in place?

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