Additional Yoasobi Concert Tickets Released Via Ballot As Organizer Clamps Down On Ticket Scalpers

Yoasobi fans in Singapore have another shot at watching their favourite band live as another wave of tickets will be released to the public via ballot.

With the initial wave of tickets selling out in a mere five minutes, the speed at which scalpers listed their haul on Carousell was deplorable.

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But thankfully concert organizer Sozo is on the case and will be making a limited number of tickets available for fans to ballot for starting 2PM Singapore Time on 6 December 2023.

With the number of tickets made known to the public and the ballot process rather opaque, this might be the best (but not perfect) way forward for anyone looking to get hold of Yoasobi concert tickets.

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One interesting point to note is that Sozo is taking active steps to curb the scalpers as well. The organizers have put out an open call for the community to report any unauthorized resellers and are encouraging the team to email them for any tip-offs.


The tricky part here is how Sozo and Ticketmaster will be able to determine who is a scalper (apart from inflated prices) and might serve to drive these folks further underground. It becomes a cat-and-mouse game as scalpers will be forced to change their tactics and remove any trace of their activity linking to their own Ticketmaster account.

Compared to the Dota 2 situation, this is one of the rare moments an event organizer is taking active steps to combat scalpers and giving fans a ray of hope but one should not keep your hopes up. Sozo themselves have stated that “As only a limited number of tickets are available, a majority will not be able to get the tickets.”

When we asked Sozo for additional details regarding their efforts to combat scalping, a spokesperson provided us with the following statement but it does not detract far from their social media post, “It has always been our aim to bring high quality performances and artistes from Japan to their fans in Southeast Asia. While we understand that fans are willing to go the extra mile to enjoy the concert experience, we hope that fans can work with us by steering clear of unauthorised resellers, so that together we can bring this rare opportunity directly to more fans to enjoy. We urge the public to be cautious of online scams on the tickets as well.

On our end, we will continue to try our best to recover as many tickets as we can, and return the tickets back into the hands of fans. We continue to explore how best we can support our customers and will keep everyone updated on any future developments. “

With the ballot form opening on 6 December 2023 at 2PM, and closing at 6PM Singapore time there’s plenty of time for anyone to cast their lot with winners announced on 11 December 2023 via Ticketmaster.