A Sneak Peek at Star Wars Rebels

STARWARSREBELS_LOGOYou know when you’re invited to the Sandcrawler that it’s gonna be for something awesome. This is my second time to the Lucasfilm office in Singapore (read about the first here) and it still gives me the chills. But enough about that.

This time, my return trip to the Sandcrawler is for a sneak peek into an upcoming animated series on the Disney Channel – Star Wars Rebels. It’s as though the Stars Wars gods have answered our prayers. For months now, there were only dribs and drabs of info on the new movie releasing next year. Sighting of the new Millenium Falcon being built; Harrison Ford broke his foot! And drones of fans lap them all up as though our lives depended on them, and are hungry for more.

Ezra and the Ghost

But now, there is Star Wars Rebels – the savior that will allow fans to live in the galaxy far, far away. At least for a while.

It’s clear much thought has been put into the conceptualization of the series. Set between the prequel trilogy and original trilogy, a “cross pollination” as series co-creator Simon Kinberg calls it, it bridges the gap between the old and new, the young an old. Parents and their kids can clearly enjoy the series together, and discuss it after.

It’s five years before A New Hope, a time of uncertainty and unrest. The Jedi Order has fallen apart, and a dark, ominous future looms ahead. However, not every Jedi was lost to tragedy of Order 66. A survivor emerged in the wake of the Emperor’s Jedi Purge, a hot-headed “cowboy” Jedi with a sharp tongue, unlike the peaceful guardians of peace that we are used to. He keeps his identity a secret, and works with a small group of rebellion trying to make a difference, alluding to the rise of the rebellion. He meets Ezra, a young con-artist who steals and pickpockets to get by during one of his routine missions to disrupt the Empire’s plans.

The cast, from left to right – Sabine, Kanan, Ezra, Zeb and Hera.

All the characters in Star Wars Rebels are new, although the setting is all too familiar. The dialogue is witty and the animation flawless.

I shall not reveal too much, and leave it to your own enjoyment when it premieres as a one-hour special on Disney Channel on 4 October at 11am (GMT+8) and on Disney XD on 5 October, 8am. The special will usher in the series beginning 29 November, 12pm on Disney Channel and 30 November, 8:30am on Disney XD!

Space battles! Love em.

Since you scrolled down this far, here are some bonus photos taken at the Sandcrawler, via our Instagram: