A New Lord of the Rings MMO By Amazon Is In The Making

It appears that a new massively multiplayer online (MMO) set in the fictional realm of Middle-Earth is in the cards. And developing this new Lord of the Rings project will be none other than Amazon Game Studios.


The game will be developed alongside Hong Kong-based tech company Leyou Technologies under the subsidiary Athalon Games. Leyou also owns Digital Extremes, the folks responsible for developing the popular MMO Warframe, while Amazon Game Studios is also currently developing its other MMO, New World, as a barometer of their dev cred..

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The LotR project was actually announced sometime in 2018, with Athalon stating that the game will take place “at a time long before the events of The Lord of the Rings,” and will feature a different, more unkempt version of Middle-Earth with a slew of new “lands, people and creatures never seen before by fans of the Tolkien universe.”

Of course, hardened MMO fans would know that this won’t be the first MMO set in Middle-Earth, with The Lord of the Rings Online having been released in 2007. The main difference is that LotRO takes place concurrently with the original novel and movie trilogy.

Lord of the Rings Online by Turbine.

Aside from The Lord of the Rings Online, the other notable video game set in Tolkien’s fictional world was Middle-Earth: Shadow of Mordor in 2015 and its 2017 sequel, Middle-Earth: Shadow of War.

No other announcements about the LotR MMO has been announced yet, but be sure to expect more updates from Amazon Game Studios down the months.

Meanwhile, Amazon has other efforts to bring Middle-Earth back to the fray of the general audience, with a big-budget TV prequel series also set to take the world by storm in the near future.