7 Wonders: Architects Expands On Accessible Board Gaming To The Masses

The original 7 Wonders board game remains one of the gateway games for anyone starting out their cardboard journey. The ease in which one gets exposed to card drafting mechanics (each player picks a card, passes the rest) is synonymous with 7 Wonders.

Since then, we’ve had the release of 7 Wonders Duel tailored for two players but designer Antoine Bauza, is back to expand it back to a larger group setting.

From the get-go, it does seem that 7 Wonders: Architects, is an even simpler version of the core 7 Wonders set. Drafting still plays a big part but the mechanics have been pared down judging by the components. For families, this is a good thing allowing for more accessible play.

After all, the game is a recommended age of 8 and up and the text seems to be minimal. The premise remains the same as the original once again. Players will get an unconstructed Wonder at the start of the game and work to collect resources to further their military, science and civil points to win the game.

Taking roughly about 25 mins per session, multiple games are a given for each sitting!

If you’re keen Asmodee is having a live unboxing and playthrough of the game on 16 September on their Facebook page. 7 Wonders: Architects will retail for US$49.99.

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