PlayStation VR2

10 PlayStation VR2 Games You Need To Check Out Now

With the arrival of the new fancy toy that is the PlayStation VR2, Sony‘s latest attempt at bringing gaming to another realm had us excited for its potential. However, a new platform like this requires software support to truly stand the test of time, and judging from the launch lineup, there is much to be excited about. Here are some of the more interesting PlayStation VR2 games that you need to check out if you are planning on investing more time in virtual reality.

PlayStation VR2 Games You Should Check Out

#1. Horizon Call of the Mountain

PlayStation VR2 Games Horizon Call of the Mountain

Needless to say, the flagship launch title for the PlayStation VR2 is definitely worth checking out. It has been made with the PS VR2 in mind, taking advantage of all its tech and functions, and delivering a fun adventure to boot. Visually stunning and fun, Horizon Call of the Mountain is one of those games that you should not miss out on if you own a PS VR2.

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#2. Moss, Moss: Book II

PlayStation VR2 Games Moss

While not necessarily new, there is no denying that both Moss and Moss: Book II are some of the best VR platforming and action games around. Putting you in the role of a heroic mouse out to save the day, the environments are beautiful while the action is always satisfying to engage in. It also helps that you don’t have to move about that much, so those with motion sickness can have a ball as well.

#3. The Last Clockwinder

PlayStation VR2 Games  The Last Clockwinder

Need a good puzzle to work your brain? Why not have a bunch of them while experiencing a great tale? That is the premise of The Last Clockwinder, one of the more interesting games that is available on the PlayStation VR2 right now. Harvesting fruit and progressing a story might not sound like much, but throw in production lines and room for boundless creativity, and this world becomes much more than just what it seems at first sight.

#4. What the Bat?

Virtual reality does not always have to be about realistic activities, and if you are seeking an absurd time, then Triband’s What the Bat? will fit that bill quite nicely. Following on from the success of What the Golf?, the spiritual successor is all about hitting stuff with your two baseball bat arms. Scenarios get crazier as you progress, and anyone jumping in will instantly get it and enjoy themselves; what more can you ask for?

#5. Cosmonious High

For those that have played Job Simulator and Vacation Simulator over the years, then Owlchemy Lab’s Cosmonious High will be right up your alley. Packed with plenty to do and much to discover, it is a sandbox of possibilities and shenanigans. Its focus on a younger demographic might not work for everyone, but in terms of what you can play with in VR games on the PlayStation VR2, it can be a timesink.

#6. Tentacular

PlayStation VR2 Games Tentacular

Of course, Devolver Digital is on hand to deliver one of the more weirdly satisfying experiences on the PlayStation VR2, with Firepunchd Games’ Tentacular casting players in the role of a giant squid that is trying to find its place amongst the humans. Help out the people of the island of La Kalma, and figure out your mysterious origins, all while attempting action-based activities and physical constructions puzzles.

#7. Townsmen VR

PlayStation VR2 Games  Townsmen VR

A city builder definitely makes sense for a platform like PlayStation VR2, and Townsmen VR makes it all happen with plenty of exciting possibilities. Whether you just like the feeling of being a god or helping out your people with their problems, there is much to get up to, with 13 different islands and archipelagos awaiting. For those who have always wanted to get up close and personal with your creations, this is the perfect chance.

#8. Thumper

A blast from the recent past, Thumper is one of the more brilliant examples of how the PlayStation VR2 can elevate games to another level. With the PS VR2’s features, the sounds and visuals of Thumper feel even better than before, and the haptics and headset feedback ensure that players are going to be in the zone as they engage in rhythm violence.

#9. Rez Infinite

An original launch title for the first PlayStation VR, Rez Infinite also benefits from the hardware upgrade on the PlayStation VR2. The psychedelic setting is still trippy and amazing, while the action is fast and exciting, all wrapped up in amazing beats. There is a reason why it remains one of the most critically acclaimed games of all time.

#10. Kayak VR: Mirage

PlayStation VR2 Games Kayak VR Mirage

Having a PlayStation VR2 doesn’t mean that only action is involved; games can be calming too, and that is the case for Kayak VR: Mirage. Instead of braving the cold in real life, take a ride on the wild side by experiencing some of the best water physics and graphics. There’s racing to get your heart pumping, scenic sites awaiting in the free roam mode, or just sit back and take a tour; it is entirely your choice in this interesting addition to the games available for PlayStation VR2.