‘Yu-Gi-Oh!’ OCG Gets Official English Edition In Asia With Shorter Release Window Than Japanese Version

It’s been a long time coming, but Yu-Gi-Oh! Official Card Game (OCG) players in Asia now have another language option to turn to for their duelling encounters. Following the release of the English Edition for Asia on 11 November, Konami has brought the celebration to Anime Festival Asia (AFA) in Singapore – and in a timely fashion, to boot.

Starting today, the Creation Pack 01 will be available for purchase, joining the previously announced Rise of the Blue-Eyes – based on the 2013 Japanese deck – and Illusion of the Dark Magicians Structure Decks, an original set. Featuring Blue-Eyes White Dragon and Dark Magician, two of the franchise’s most iconic monsters, respectively, these decks are ready to be played out of the box, but can be strengthened with Booster Packs.

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Creation Pack 01 is the first in line, packing powerful cards that are related to the upcoming Duelist Nexus Booster Pack, due 16 December, and will round out release plans for 2023. All Yu-Gi-Oh! OCG cards released in Asia can also be used in every official tournament in the region, allowing players to use the Japanese Edition cards they already own along with the new cards.

But veterans and longtime hobbyists aren’t the only ones to benefit from the launch of English Edition for Asia. Leading up to ranking tournaments in January 2024, Konami is going to hold a series of tutorial events in the Asia markets to help beginners get started.

For the Singapore crowd, AFA 2023 is one such avenue. A three-minute trailer debut served to ignite and highlight the spirit of duelling, with a physical booth packing various activities and sights for visitors.

The entrance is graced by a standee of Seto Kaiba, one of the main characters of the Yu-Gi-Oh! anime, and his Blue-Eyes White Dragon army. A row of foil cards, encased in a glass display, lines the exterior, with an interactive wall on the other side inviting fans to try their luck at getting a three-in-a-row match, much like what one would do with a slot machine.

Completing the mini-game rewards a stamp, and collecting all three lets fans get a custom token of themselves. To obtain the other two, visitors will have to post pictures of themselves at the booth on Instagram, and participate in the Yu-Gi-Oh! OCG demo sessions.

Duelling enthusiasts, meanwhile, can check out the various decks, Booster Packs, card sleeves, and other related accessories that are available for purchase. There are also statues featuring Blue-Eyes White Dragon and Kaiba on display, the perfect picture of nostalgia and callback to the good old times.

This three-day event is but a precursor to the franchise’s promising future in the region. Moving into 2024, collectors and players can look forward to the Rarity Collection in January, which will feature Super Rare and above cards. More details are expected to be on the horizon, but in the meantime, the Yu-Gi-Oh! booth at AFA – running from now till 26 November – has a little something to offer for everyone, fan or not.