You Can Now Get PlayStation Store Refunds!

Mis-clicked on that purchase button for, say, Fallout 76 on the PlayStation Store, when you actually meant to purchase the game beside it? Before you panic, Sony‘s new refund policy ensures you’re saved from your butter fingers.

This updated refund policy went live yesterday, and in it Sony announced that you can absolutely request for a refund for any digital content you’ve bought on the PS Store within 14 days and if other conditions are met.

This includes full games, DLCs and other add-ons, but you mustn’t have already downloaded, installed, or streamed them. So there’s no such thing as trying out a game, not liking it, and requesting for a refund.

Your money back actually goes straight your PlayStation wallet, which isn’t a bad thing especially if you’re a frequent patron of the PS Store.

If you’re just starting out subscribing to the likes of PlayStation Plus, PlayStation Now or Spotify Premium, you can also cancel within the 14 days, but instead of getting a full refund, the PS Store will actually deduct an amount based on how long you’ve had these services for. It’s a fair trade, considering these are more services than games in that sense.

One thing to keep note of for would-be refund requestors is that the only way to get a refund for your games is by contacting support, so while it may seem cumbersome from a customer’s standpoint, rest assured you’ll be getting your money back so long as you follow the procedures.

You can look up the full details of the refund policy on the PlayStation website.

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