Who Is The Secret Fourth Villain In ‘The Batman’? Matt Reeves Wants You To Speculate, And Will Reveal It… Soon

*Spoiler Warnings! This article discusses The Batman. 

If you’ve seen Matt Reeves The Batman, you’ll know that it features not one, two or three, but four members of Batman’s Rogues’ Gallery.

There’s Paul Dano’s Riddler aka Edward Nashton, Colin Farrell’s Penguin aka Ozwald “Oz” Cobblepot and Zoe Kravitz’s Catwoman aka Selina Kyle. Oh, and a mysterious fourth villain that was seen in a cell beside Riddler’s, when the serial killer was captured and thrown into Arkham Asylum towards the end of the movie.

In the scene, Riddler was seen talking to another prisoner. The mysterious character begins to laugh, and both of them start to laugh maniacally together. Whilst viewers only see a silhouette of the mysterious character, early speculations suggest that it was Eternals star Barry Keoghan. 

the batman

Keoghan was previously announced to play a secret role in the film, many of whom believed it to be the Joker. Although the casting was never confirmed, Reeves believes that it’s pretty clear who the character may be. 

“He’s called the unseen prisoner. There was another scene in the movie that I love, which I think makes it even clearer who he could be,” teased Reeves, on his way of carrying the discussion beyond the movie in cinemas.

Jumpy in his seat while talking about the fourth villain, the director spoke measuredly, but says he is looking forward to hearing fan discussions on his identity.

“At some point, I’m hoping to release that – it would probably be after the movie or something because it’s one of these things that we actually didn’t need storywise, even though the scene was so cool – I want people to see that scene. I think you can take a pretty good guess as to who it is.” 

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Reeves’ The Batman sees the Riddler central to the murders and crimes in the movie. Inspired by Batman: Year One, the film is dark, gritty, and believe it or not, not a Batman origin tale like the Batman movies that come before it.

The superhero movie focuses on the titular’s character still learning and coping with being a masked vigilante on the streets of Gotham. He’s not yet the Batman who founded the Justice League, neither a socialite who doesn’t mind showing his face at a social event or two. Plenty of the Rogues’ Gallery seen in the movie have yet to peak in their villainy either so there’s plenty of room still to speculate who the secret character may be. 

Our money is still on the Joker, but guess we’ll have to wait and see for Reeves’ big reveal. 

The Batman is now showing in cinemas.