Western Digital Launches New WD_BLACK SSDs For Next-Gen Gaming Support In Singapore

With the recent launches of the PlayStation 5 and Xbox Series X, folks are already being encouraged to future-proof themselves with new gear, most especially storage options. Given how many of the games coming to these consoles are at least 50GB in size, it would be wise for one to start investing in some SSDs to offload their storage woes in future.

Thankfully, Western Digital is one such company that can be relied on when it comes to storage needs. Recently, the company launched its latest line of WD_BLACK NVMe SSDs to provide gamers with solid storage options in the long run in the US, and now they’re coming to Singapore.

Leading the lineup is the WD_BLACK SN850 NVMe SSD. This PCIe Gen4 SSD is capable of delivering read/write speeds of up to 7000MB/s and 5300MB/s respectively. It also delivers improved low queue-depth performance over its predecessor, allowing both gaming and everyday users to experience smoother loading of applications. The best part is that the SN850 is officially compatible with the PS5, although you might want to wait until Sony officially activates third-party SSD support.

The WD_BLACK SN850 is now available in 500GB, 1TB, and 2TB models on Lazada, starting at S$239. An RGB-enabled heatsink variant that cuts down on thermal throttling will be available sometime in 2021.

Next is the WD_BLACK AN1500 NVMe SSD Add-in Card. This model is powered by two internal SSDs in RAID 0 and PCIe Gen3 x8 technology, which allows gamers to experience read speeds up to 6500 MB/s and write speeds up to 4100MB/s on their consoles or PCs. It also comes with customisable RGB lighting (Windows only) that not only looks cool, but also comes with an integrated heatsink that reduces thermal throttling for maximum performance.

The WD_BLACK AN1500 is available in Lazada, and comes in 1TB, 2TB, and 4TB variants, retailing from S$449.

Rounding up the lineup is the WD_BLACK D50 Game Dock NVMe SSD. This external gaming dock SSD is WD’s most compact one yet, and comes with a slew of ports that can transform any Thunderbolt 3-compatible laptop into an integrated and immersive gaming station. Using just a single Thunderbolt 3 cord, the D50 allows gamers to streamline their rigs while offering blazing-fast speeds at the same time.

The WD_BLACK D50 Game Dock is available in 1TB and 2TB models on Lazada, starting at S$739. A non-SSD variant is also available for purchase at S$479.