Watch The Life-Size Gundam In Yokohama Walk, Kneel & Move Its Arms

After the exciting completion ceremony whereby Shinto priests blessed the life-size Gundam’s head, the mecha is finally on the move. In a recent string of tweets, Twitter user よ っ く ん (@yoshi115t) documents the monumental moment of the life-size Gundam in Yokohama walking, kneeling and more!

In the video, we get to see the mind-blowing footage of the completed life-size Gundam in Yokohama take its first two steps. It then proceeds to kneel down. And the mecha doesn’t stop there. The 18m tall Gundam has 24 degrees of freedom, with fully articulated fingers. This is shown off by having it turn its head, raise its arms and make various hand gestures.

Moreover, the mecha even curls up its legs at one point into a seated position. Who knows, with the amazing progress that the engineers have made, we may even see the Gundam take off into the skies one day.