Unboxing The ‘Tekken 8’ Premium Collector’s Edition

Bare-knuckled brawling has long been part of the Tekken identity, and the ‘fist meets fate’ slogan of its latest installment only serves to amplify the franchise’s fighting game roots. Having dished out jabs, kicks and flashy combos for 30 years and counting, it’s no surprise the Tekken 8 Premium Collector’s Edition also packs the same powerful punch — in more ways than one.

At S$379, the bundle should prove a delight for fans with its handsome offerings. Joining the welcome early-purchase bonuses, which include various cosmetics and four additional playable characters, is a delicious spread of goodies in various forms.

The full list is as follows:

  • Main game
  • Premium box
  • Exclusive electrified figurine (25cm)
  • Pin badge set
  • Special face-off steelbook
  • Leroy Smith metal ring with velvet pouch
  • Glossy collectible cards x8
  • Arcade token

With the long-standing feud between Jin Kazama and his father Kazuya primed as the game’s narrative focus, one of them has to be in the spotlight. No effort was spared in fleshing Jin out as the centrepiece of the Tekken 8 Premium Collector’s Edition, who stands tall in all his detailed glory.

From USB-powered illumination to the stylish pattern on his pants, here’s a closer look at one-winged Devil Jin with the rage art pose:

Tekken 8 is now available on PlayStation 5, Xbox Series X|S, and PC via Steam.