Ultralight Logitech G435 Lightspeed Wireless Headset Goes Green And Wallet-Friendly

Lightweight, wireless gaming is all the hype now, and Logitech continues to explore its options with the Logitech G line-up. A household name within the gaming community, its offerings have always been known for its steadfast commitment to first-rate, feature-rich performance – a trait that’s set to carry over to the newest member of the family.

Enter the G435 Lightspeed Wireless Headset, the lightest, most sustainable, and wallet-friendly option of the pack to date. Weighing in at 165 grams, it beats the industry standard for lightweight builds out of the water, which typically lies between 200 grams and 300 grams.

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Alongside the ultralight convenience, the headset also looks to deliver on other fronts that matter, such as comfort, affordability, and sustainability. The last factor, in particular, is demonstrated by means of CarbonNeutral certification, where the company’s financing of high-quality carbon offsets has reduced the product’s carbon impact to zero.

More notably, the G435 features multi-platform support, and can be easily set up for wireless use across PC, console, or mobile devices. Audio-wise, the headset is designed to deliver rich and immersive via its 40mm drivers, with beamforming mics added to reduce background noise and eliminate the need for a boom mic.

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Other notable features include an optional volume limiter, as well as left and right braille indicators to aid the visually-impaired. It’s a nifty little touch, especially with accessibility being a constant and oft-neglected concern in the gaming scene.

Launching in October 2021 at the retail price of S$109, the G435 will be available in three colour variations: Black & Neon Yellow, Blue & Raspberry, and Off-White & Lilac. Interested parties may head over to the official website or authorised Logitech storefronts on Lazada and Shopee for more information.

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