Tabletop Classic 'Munchkin' Goes Digital This Coming Fall 2022

Tabletop Classic ‘Munchkin’ Goes Digital This Coming Fall 2022

The world of tabletop gaming has always been a favourite of many, but it is not always that easy to get into, especially considering the physical logistics. However, the increasing migration of physical games into the digital space has allowed more to join in the fun, and the latest move will see Munchkin make the jump thanks to Dire Wolf Digital and Steve Jackson Games.

Set to launch on PC, phones, and tablets, the backstabbing shenanigans of Munchkin will soon be available to a much larger audience. For those that are seeing the game for the first time, here’s the gist.

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Players compete against each other in a series of rounds in Munchkin, taking turns to explore a dungeon, fight monsters, get loot, and obtain treasure. Depending on your race and character, there are different buffs and debuffs that can occur; players can fight together, and losing a fight can have dire consequences. That is, if the other players have not made things worse for you.

The aim is to release the digital version of Munchkin near the end of 2022, with the inclusion of cross-platform multiplayer. With Dire Wolf’s track record of bringing other tabletop games to the digital space, such as Root and Everdell, it would appear that this will be a safe venture.

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If you are keen to get started in real-life with Munchkin and its long list of expansions and reworks, you can get the game via Amazon now.