Super Mario Bros. Nintendo Game & Watch: How To Reliably Get One Right Now

So you heard the news that Nintendo is releasing a modern take on the classic Game & Watch handheld for Super Mario Bros.’ 35th anniversary this November.

But knowing how this is going to be a “limited production run”, fans all around the world are scrambling to find how they can secure a pre-order in time for its release on 13 November 2020.

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With three countries announced to release the handheld, we’ve gone out and did a quick comparison of the 3 versions currently being sold on Amazon US, UK and JP:

  • Amazon US (US$49.99) – This is the cheapest version and it ships worldwide, but unfortunately it isn’t available for pre-order at the time of publishing this article. Just add it to your wishlist for the time being then.
  • Amazon UK (£49.99) – At the moment, the UK version is your best bet, and it ships worldwide for US$65. Simply order 2 to save on shipping.
  • Amazon SG (S$139) – This is the most expensive version, clocking in at US$103, but already sold out pretty quickly. Not sure if there will be restocks before the holidays.
  • Amazon JP (¥6,456) – Only third-party sellers have stock for this, and you’d probably end up with a Japanese language version.

If you’re ordering from Amazon UK, there’s another piece of good news, shipping it to outside of UK will lower it’s selling price down to £41.66 (US$54) before shipping. We ran a test to order 2 pieces to ship to Singapore, and the shipping is only a mere £15.52, which totals to £98.84. This effectively gets you “free shipping” of sorts.

If you like what you see, you’d best secure your copies if you want to guarantee owning one of these in time for the holiday season.