Southeast Asia’s First POP MART Store In Singapore Offers A Massive Collection Of Disney Blind Boxes & We’re HOOKED

A brand that has built its name in the toy industry, POP MART is renowned for its collaborations with big brands and international artists to create high-quality designer toys.

Breaking the stereotypes that toys are for kids, they integrate different artistic concepts from painting to fashion to create products that feature fan-favourite characters. Drawing from a deep well of licenses such as Disney and Warner Bros there’s something for everyone. But it does not stop there; POP MART even has its own designers like Pucky, Kenny Wong, and Kasing Lung within their ranks.

Pucky is an illustrator and artist of the toy series of the same name under POP MART, while Kasing Lung was a children’s book illustrator living in Belgium who published his own Chinese illustrated storybook and toys back in 2011.

Kenny Wong, on the other hand, was a toymaker based in Hong Kong before being approached by POP MART and his Molly toy line was the defining chapter that helped the brand ramped up its sales back in 2017.

With over 200 stores around the world, the company finally decided to open their first Southeast Asia official store on the lucky shores of Singapore and fellow geeks like ourselves had to drop by for a visit.

Take a tour with us to have a look at what they have to offer in terms of design, display, and collection before you head down to the store.

Offered primarily in blind boxes, where shoppers buy an item without knowing the character within, the store offers a whole range of tie-ups from your favourite comics, cartoons, and animations, including Lion King, Disney Princesses, Naruto, Harry Potter, and more. Even if you’re not fans, the amazing set-up, display and aesthetic of the store is still worth a look.

Thanks to the folks at POP MART FUNAN, we manage to grab a hold of the Disney Animals and Yoki Gemstone Prince series boxes, so feel free to watch our unboxing videos below to see if we managed to get the limited hidden figurines!

POP MART at Funan, 107 North Bridge Road, #01-02, Singapore 179105, opens daily from 10am – 10pm. In addition, POP MART has a pop-up store in Bugis and several POP Mart ROBO (Toy Vending Machines) island-wide.

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