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SEGA’s Endless Summer Event Brings Free Games, Themed Challenges, Daily Streams, And More

The summer weather can be quite a killer at times, which is more of a reason for many to stay indoors. For the gaming enthusiasts, SEGA has got your backs covered with the Endless Summer event – a week-long celebration promising daily streams, community competitions, summer-themed challenges, two free classic titles, and more.

Running for a limited time till July 11, 2019, the giveaway will see five SEGA games up for grabs: Ecco the Tides of Time, Ristar, Bonanza Bros, Bio-Hazard Battle, and Fatal Labyrinth. Pick two from the list, head over to the Games2Gether (G2G) rewards page, and they are yours to keep forever on Steam.

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German and French language streams are also set to make their debut for the event, alongside some special guest appearances and other initiatives as follows:

  • Community activities: Recreate the Love Thyself scene in the friendly Horatiothon, or try your luck against some dev-made custom factions for Endless Space 2 and earn a new Endless Summer G2G badge.
  • Cocktails and mocktails: Download a cute recipe PDF of alcoholic beverages from the Endless Universe, or create your own creations with help from the instructional videos led by writer Jeff Spock.
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It’s gaming galore as Endless Summer kicks in from July 4 to July 11, which means we’ll be definitely be grabbing the two free games, thank you very much.

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