SEGA’s Endless Summer Event Brings Free Games, Themed Challenges, Daily Streams, And More

The summer weather can be quite a killer at times, which is more of a reason for many to stay indoors. For the gaming enthusiasts, SEGA has got your backs covered with the Endless Summer event – a week-long celebration promising daily streams, community competitions, summer-themed challenges, two free classic titles, and more.

Running for a limited time till July 11, 2019, the giveaway will see five SEGA games up for grabs: Ecco the Tides of Time, Ristar, Bonanza Bros, Bio-Hazard Battle, and Fatal Labyrinth. Pick two from the list, head over to the Games2Gether (G2G) rewards page, and they are yours to keep forever on Steam.

German and French language streams are also set to make their debut for the event, alongside some special guest appearances and other initiatives as follows:

  • Community activities: Recreate the Love Thyself scene in the friendly Horatiothon, or try your luck against some dev-made custom factions for Endless Space 2 and earn a new Endless Summer G2G badge.
  • Cocktails and mocktails: Download a cute recipe PDF of alcoholic beverages from the Endless Universe, or create your own creations with help from the instructional videos led by writer Jeff Spock.

It’s gaming galore as Endless Summer kicks in from July 4 to July 11, which means we’ll be definitely be grabbing the two free games, thank you very much.

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