The final look of the phone revealed!

[UPDATE: 26 May 2015, official unboxing video added above!]

Where does Tony Stark get all those wonderful toys?

South Korea of course, or more importantly, via Samsung. If you’ve seen the movie, Avengers: Age of Ultron, you know that a huge chunk of the film takes place in Seoul, and now, Samsung is looking at launching Avengers-inspired Samsung Galaxy S6 smartphones.

According to the Korea Times, Samsung executive Lee Young-hee said that Iron Man-themed phones for its latest flagship devices are in the works. No launch date was provided (though an end May, June availability was mentioned), and no mention of target markets were revealed, though it is hard not to assume that North America will see the availability of the device.

Samsung and Marvel have teamed up to promote Age of Ultron, and exclusive Avengers: Age of Ultron wallpapers are available on the Samsung Galaxy S6 and S6 edge, so this continued union does not come as a surprise. In fact, rumours of Avengers themed Samsung devices have been surfacing in recent months, especially since renders of the phone have popped up as well.

As you can see from the render, the design for the Iron Man Galaxy S6 is rather basic, with just a red rear panel, and some yellow wallpaper trims. I’m hoping that some of the design accents from the Mach 43 show up on the phone, and who does not want to see the repulsor take over the rear camera of the phone?

And if any casing maker has a sense, they would create a special Hulk Buster Samsung Galaxy S6 protection case for the phone, for when Iron Man S6 has to take on the brute that is accidents, spillage and drops. Imagine the awesomeness when you take out the phone from the Hulk Buster casing, to show Iron Man.

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No mention of other Avengers members was made, but if there was a follow-up, would you want to see a blue Galaxy S6 edge (Captain America) or green Galaxy S6 (Hulk)?

[UPDATE: 16 May 2015]

Looks like Samsung just tweeted this teaser of the box that will house the upcoming phone:


[UPDATE: 26 May 2015]

Here’s a photo gallery of the final looks at the phone and packaging. That wireless Arc Reactor charger is to die for!



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