Samsung Galaxy S22 Ultra

Prices Of Samsung Upcoming Galaxy S22 Series Allegedly Leaked

The trickle of leaks surrounding the Samsung Galaxy S22 series continues, with known leaker Roland Quandt has leaked the European prices of the Galaxy S22 lineup on Twitter.

The prices, according to the leak, seem similar to those of the Samsung Galaxy S21 devices for the S22 and S22+ models. However, the base Galaxy S22 Ultra model may feature 8GB of RAM rather than the 12GB that the base Galaxy S21 Ultra has. The Galaxy S22 Ultra model that has 12GB of RAM costs €100 more than the base Galaxy S21 Ultra model.

A prior leak by @chunvn8888 suggests a US$100 increase across the board compared to the Galaxy S22 lineup’s predecessor.

While there is no official announcement confirming any of the leaks so far, based on what we’ve seen, the Samsung Galaxy S22 Ultra resembles the Galaxy Note 20. Not only will it come with an S Pen stylus, it is also expected to have an S Pen dock, which would be the first for a device outside the Note series.

Given the rather substantial wave of speculations and guesswork surrounding Samsung’s latest devices, it may be more prudent to wait for official confirmation before jumping to conclusions. Those who are set on obtaining one of the Galaxy S22 devices can pre-order one before they are even announced.

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