‘One Piece’ 25th Anniversary Music Symphony Sails To Singapore, Tickets On Sale Now

It’s been more than two decades since the One Piece franchise sailed the Blue Sea on the small screen, and the series will set aside a special celebration for its 25th anniversary. The One Piece Music Symphony is set to tour across the globe, including the U.S., Asia, and Europe starting 1 June, with tickets available now for some territories.

The full orchestra will play iconic music from the anime series, such as fan favourites “We Are!”, “Sai sai Saikyo!!!”, “Oitsumerareta,” and “Binks no Sake”, as well as new pieces composed and arranged specifically for the show.

“It is time to celebrate One Piece’s 25th anniversary with an epic array of music full of action and emotion! Immerse yourself in the magic of a full orchestra as it performs One Piece‘s iconic music live on stage, while the greatest moments from the anime come to life on screen in perfect sync,” reads the description for the performance. “Relive the past 25 years of thrilling adventures of the Straw Hat Crew, all set to the vibrant sounds of the series’ most memorable music!”

For fans in Singapore, the One Piece Music Symphony is slated to play at Esplanade Concert Hall on 3 August, 7.30 pm SGT. Tickets can now be purchased on the SISTIC website, with prices ranging from S$99 to S$169. Seoul, South Korea, and Jakarta, Indonesia are also included as part of the Asia leg, joining the full schedule as follows:

  • Seoul, South Korea — 1 June
  • Los Angeles, California — 6 July
  • San Francisco, California — 8 July
  • Dallas, Texas — 10 July
  • Washington DC — 13 July
  • Melbourne, Australia — 19 July
  • Las Vegas, Nevada — 20 July
  • Brisbane, Australia — 21 July
  • Sydney, Australia — 27 July
  • Singapore — 3 August
  • Jakarta, Indonesia — 10 to 11 August
  • Köln, Germany — 22 August
  • Berlin, Germany — 26 October
  • Lyon, France — 28 October
  • London, England — 16 November
  • Paris, France — 30 November
  • Lille, France — 1 December
One Piece 25th Anniversary Music Symphony Singapore

Depending on the location, there may be some differences in the programme. The shows in Los Angeles and Paris, for instance, will feature special appearances by One Piece composer Kohei Tanaka and singer Hiroshi Kitadani, who are set to perform live along with the orchestra and attend a meet and greet session for VIP ticket holders.

The One Piece Music Symphony began more than 10 years ago. 2024 marks its 11th year in Asia, 10th year in Europe, and second outing in the U.S.