A curious indie game that illustrates how electronic surveillance has infiltrated our lives to the point of ubiquity. If you have ever handed over your personal details just to enter a sweepstakes, you could already be in the system and somehow to government is building a profile for you in their database.

Honestly, the above scenario is quite a stretch but Nothing To Hide (described as an anti-stealth game) shows how far we have come in this day and age. Still not actively self-censoring? You should really watch what you leave behind online, digital breadcrumbs that never disappear.

nothing to hide indie

The interesting thing about this project would be that all it’s assets would be free for everyone to use when funded. The crowdfunding aspect of Nothing To Hide is unique as well. Unlike most indie games that go through the Indiegogo or Kickstarter route, Nothing to Hide will be funded incrementally in quarters. If initial funding is not hit, all the money would be returned. If successful, developer NCASE, would receive funding for each milestone met. Right now we are looking at 25% being taken when he hits the alpha version in June, beta in September and full release by December.

There is an eight level demo build right now. The puzzle gameplay can be tough for the average gamer but it’s fair. There is little diddling around as the game sends you straight back to the start of the level on failure with little gloating.

Do check Nothing To Hide out, it’s definitely worth a look.

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