Right now, Blizzard’s online collectible card game (CCG), Hearthstone, has entered its open beta. So if have not been able to get into the earlier beta, this is the perfect opportunity to hop on.

Having grown up on CCGs such as Magic: The Gathering, Hearthstone is deceptively simple (as the marketing spiel goes) to the veteran card gamer but hides a large amount of depth.

I would not go into a long drawn ‘review’ of sorts because the game is still in beta but this is an ideal game that can be completed in bite sized session of no more than 20 minutes tempting you to just “go for one more game”

More hardcore purists of CCGs might find Hearthstone too simple for their tastes, but how many other games out there offer a ready opponent in a matter of minutes.

My only fear is that the game will eventually develop into a pay-to-win model which is the most lucrative aspect of CCGs in general.

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