Naruto: The Gallery Revisits The Way Of The Ninja At Universal Studios Singapore

The Naruto manga and anime series may have ended, but the Will of the Fire continues to live on in the hearts of fans. The humble tale of an orphan – and host to a feared Tailed Beast –overcoming his past, fate, and rivals to achieve his dream as Hokage has transcended generations, and Naruto: The Gallery will revisit this legacy in style.

Naruto: The Gallery Universal Studios Singapore

Following its showing in Japan, the exhibition is making its first global stop at Universal Studios Singapore from 28 March to 30 June. It takes visitors down the memory lane, showcasing the narrative and history of Naruto through six different zones with storyboards, character art, and exclusive video displays by five Japanese animation artists: Ai Nina, Kohei Kadowaki, Kosuke Sugimoto, Kota Morie, and que.

While visitors are immediately greeted by Team 7 (Naruto Uzumaki, Sasuke Uchiha, Kakashi Hatake, and Sakura Haruno) at the entrance, it isn’t until they reach Soundstage 28 that the experience truly kicks off. A long stretch of wall adorned with various characters awaits on the inside, featuring beloved ninja like Gaara and Minato Namikaze to iconic Akatsuki villains, such as Deidara and Itachi Uchiha.

A display of artwork and congratulatory messages sits amid the familiar faces, hailing from eight industry professionals who have worked on the Naruto anime series. Head past the opening area to enter a mini-theatre, where a sizzle reel of battling history will play. Expect to be hit by nostalgia as Sasuke and Itachi, Pain and Naruto, Shikamaru Nara and Hidan, and more duke it out on the screen again.

The first zone, reliving Naruto’s childhood, opens with character introductions and concept art of Team 7, as well as major story arc recaps spotlighting the battle between Zabuza Momochi and Haku, and the main quartet. Elsewhere, moments from the famous Naruto and Sasuke showdown is immortalised on a pillar, with the sequence playing out across a screen.

Most notably, a sprawling, impressive diorama of the Hidden Leaf Village marks its first appearance outside of Japan with great accuracy and detail, inviting fans to locate Ramen Ichiraku, the Academy, the Hokage Rock, and more iconic landmarks from the series.

Naruto: The Gallery Universal Studios Singapore (13)

Members from Akatsuki, the secret organisation that gathers most of the main and major antagonists in Naruto, will also get their time to shine. Not only does Naruto: The Gallery dedicate an entire wall to them, Deidara takes centerstage with his battle against Gaara here as well. Mirroring Sasuke and Naruto’s diverging paths in the series, this segment highlights a choose-your-adventure presentation, where visitors can choose to embark on either journey.

Hanging overhead are banners of the five country leaders: Land of Fire (Hokage), Land of Wind (Kazekage), Land of Water (Mizukage), Land of Lightning (Raikage), and Land of Earth (Tsuchikage), serving to celebrate their presence in the Naruto world.

Rounding out the exhibition is the final zone, which centres around the Fourth Great Ninja War and emotional moments from the series. Highlights include a six-screen setup – each showcasing standalone visuals that culminate into a singular, complete look – and a seven-minute screening of the final battle in a 4D theatre.

At the end of Naruto: The Gallery, fans will be able to check out the official merchandise, including a 20th anniversary collection of tin badges, tote bags, mini cards, wrapping cloths, and more. There are also photo booths available, perfect for creating new memories and commemorating the occasion.

For those with hunger pangs, the pop-up Naruto: The Gallery Café at KT’s Grill offers menu items that are themed after elements and characters from the series. The Ninja Punch selection (S$10), for instance, includes Sasuke Chidori, Kakashi Shiden, Naruto Rasenshuriken, and Sakura Blossom Impact, with other dishes as follows:

    • Ichiraku Ramen (original/mala): S$22
    • Sasuke Sharigan Curry Rice: S$17
    • Sakura Blossom Burger (fish/beef): S$17
    • Naruto Bento: S$17
    • Naruto Fries: S$6
    • Sasuke Fireball Meatball: S$8
    • Kakashi Fresh Vegetable Salad: S$8
    • Tenten Dumplings: S$8
    • Itachi Dango: S$8
    • Jiraiya’s Popsicle: S$8

Naruto: The Gallery will run from 28 March to 30 June, with tickets retailing for S$83 (adult) and S$62 (child) respectively. Reservations are now open on the official website, and come with regular admission to Universal Studios Singapore.