MapleStorySEA Debuts 6th Job Advancement As Game’s Biggest Update In 7 Years

As excitement builds towards a new age in the MapleStorySEA community, the latest announcement for the game’s 6th Job Advancement comes as a delightful surprise. Set to debut on 15 November, this marks the most substantial update to the massively popular game in seven years. 

To build excitement and give hardcore players a head start, the 6th Star event is currently underway. By logging in for just five days between 1 and 14 November, these players can receive valuable and exclusive support rewards, setting the stage for the update.

6th Job Skills

Adventurers can expect their characters to be endowed with new Origin skills, with each skill designed to draw out the unique potential of the characters, wrapped in striking visuals and event guild effects.

The 6th Job Advancement also revolutionises the gameplay with features such as Full Map Attack capabilities, and 100% invisibility during skill casting, adding a new layer of strategy to the game. Furthermore, the Absolute Bind feature is set to redefine combat mechanics, promising an even more engaging battle experience.

Timeline Of Events

MapleStorySEA has also crafted a warm welcome for new and returning players, as the NEW AGE Zero to One Hundred event promises rapid character levelling, helping up to seven characters reach level 100 through a special event dungeon.

Additionally, the Hyper Burning+ event is an opportunity to skyrocket to Level 260, a necessary step for accessing the 6th Job. To honour recall users, MapleStorySEA is gifting them with a special item code delivered via email.

The timeline of upcoming events is peppered with notable milestones.

  • 15 November: The game-changing 6th Job Advancement rolls out along with the Identisk Island event offering rewards for all players.
  • 6 December: The unveiling of the new Battleship Arteria area.
  • 13 & 20 December: Celebrate with Christmas events packed with festive fun.
  • 20 December: Join the Guild Castle for community engagement. 
  • 10 January 2024: The launch of a new area, Cradle of Life, Carcion.

Redeem Gifts For New Players!

That’s not all, Maplers! New players can jumpstart their journey by using the unique code “GeekCultureNEW” upon signing up and redeeming the code after signup. This code gifts a Newbie Mapler Support Box, which includes a trio of pet snails, a Select Tab 8 Slot Coupon, a week-long World Map Teleport Coupon, and a Fairy Pendant Coupon.

As for existing users, a series of rewarding events are in store. As part of the 6th Star Event, if you log in for five days anytime from now until 14 November, you’ll be eligible to receive a special reward box. This box becomes available to open on the day of the 6th Job Advancement Update.

Additionally, by simply logging in for one hour each day from 8 to 14 November, you will receive daily gifts during the NEW AGE Prelude event. A special bonus gift awaits you on 15 November.

Lastly, just by logging in during the Identisk Island event, you can claim a bonus gift every day.
The anticipation doesn’t end here as MapleStorySEA hints at more updates and events in the pipeline. Players are encouraged to stay tuned to the official website for the most recent news and developments.