Lord Of The Rings Joins Magic: The Gathering Universe With 18 Card Polyptych

Magic: The Gathering dropped a massive reveal during their inaugural 2022 Wizards Presents event. The Lord of the Rings franchise has been reimagined into many forms of tabletop games but the collectible card vertical had been locked in by Fantasy Flight Games for the longest time.

However, that will all change come Q3 2023.

Players will join the likes of Frodo, Aragorn, and the rest of the Fellowship on the epic journey to destroy The One Ring. The Lord of the Rings: Tales of Middle-earth set, is one of the Universe Beyond sets that fans can look forward to soon enough.

magic the gathering

The biggest unveil is an 18-card polyptych that depicts The Battle of the Pelennor Fields. For folks who are more acquainted with the original Peter Jackson movie, this is the battle where the forces of Rohan and Gondar faced down the Witch-king of Angmar’s forces.

We’re pretty sure that this entire combined art piece will be much sought after and hopefully there will be an official accessory to display the full art in its majesty.

magic the gathering

Outside of Lord of the Rings, Wizards also announced yet another IP collaboration, with Dr. Who which will come in the form of Commander decks, collector boosters, and Secret Lair drops. As part of the Universes Beyond, these sets will be outside of the regular Magic: The Gathering release sets.

If this is the approach Wizards is moving forward with their entire franchise, the rich 60-year history of Dr. Who will be mined to death.

Lastly, we do have an update for the next Universe Beyond release – Warhammer 40,000.

We’ll be seeing more information pertaining to these sets on 13 September, these Sol Ring variants will be sought after for their unique art style. It’s a bit of a drip feed that Wizards is trickling out to us at this point but this is but only part of the slate they have planned for 2023.