Latest Trailer For The Outer Worlds Presents A Sardonic, Humourous Space Frontier

Obsidian Entertainment‘s upcoming title The Outer Worlds offers a zany, over-the-top look at an interplanetary role-playing experience.

Where the likes of Borderlands and BioShock also evoke similar themes and tones and also pack a strong narrative, they’re primarily FPS games, whereas The Outer Worlds is an out-an-out RPG with FPS elements, as any Obsidian game is wont to be.


The latest trailer, “Come to Halcyon”, presents what you can expect in the different planets that you’ll be able to explore in the game. From the dystopian civilisation of Terra 2, to the feral wildlands of Monarch, you’ll have your hands full in all sorts of colourful (figuratively and literally) scenery and NPCs to interact with and, in some instances, shoot and kill.

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The Halcyon Colony itself, the starting location for your playable character, features a host of interesting individuals, all of whom are deemed to be at the bottom of the societal ladder. This should prove interesting as to what kinds of main story and side quests you’ll play through, as well as the zany NPCs you’ll get to meet.


This tongue-in-cheek humour is reminiscent of Obsidian’s critically-acclaimed Fallout: New Vegas, and is indicative of their superb worldbuilding and storytelling. No doubt, many will be looking forward to playing through purely pacifist playthroughs (or even villanous ones), as well as meet the colourful companions, and more.

The Outer Worlds launches on October 25 for PC, PS4, Xbox One and Nintendo Switch (at a later time).

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