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Kevin Feige on Ryan Gosling’s Desire To Play Ghost Rider: “I’d Love to Find a Place For Him in the MCU”

Hollywood stars might have just cracked the code to join the MCU. Considering that Simu Liu saw this role as Shang Chi come to life with a tweet, it looks like Ryan Gosling has undoubtedly caught the attention of Kevin Feige.

Following an earlier interview with MTV, Gosling had played down rumors of playing the cosmic superhero Nova and prefers a shot at Ghost Rider instead.

At SDCC 2022, the focus has shifted toward Kevin Feige who stated that he’d, “love to find a place for him (Gosling) in the MCU.” Following this, Feige elaborated how Ryan Gosling has an amazing pull to get press (just like this).

As far as the future of the MCU goes, this weekend’s showing at San Deigo illustrated that sadly there really isn’t a place for either Nova or Ghost Rider in the near term. However, Feige did elaborate that there might be a place for Ghost Rider to make an appearance between the supernatural and street-level realms.

Elaborating on how Feige views the future of the MCU, there seems to be quite a bit of leeway for the universe to grow even bigger. We’ve known this for some time now but there are now three distinct tracks that the MCU is headed towards – The supernatural, street level, and the cosmic realms.

For some, the cosmic side of things has been tricky to follow especially if you’re not the kind that follows both movies and comics at the same time. Now, with the full might of Disney+ plugging in the gaps between movies, that’s plenty of superhero content for anyone to take in.

Ryan Gosling in the MCU? Seems pretty much like a high possibility at this point. The only challenge right now is for Feige to find the perfect fit for the actor.