Feel The Bite of Korean Rapper Jay Park’s New Music Video Made Entirely On Apple iPad Pro

Korean rapper Jay Park has collaborated with Apple and Webtoon artist Namon to create a music video for his latest single, Bite.

Part of the ‘Made on iPad’ campaign, the music video brings the track’s sung and rapped lyrics to life via the iPad and its various creative apps. Clip Studio Paint, a go-to tool for webtoon artists, and Mental Canvas Draw, which lets users place their drawings in a virtual space, were among the two of many apps that were used to create this video. From its initial illustrations to the preliminary editing, most of the process was carried out on iPad. 

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The spot marks the first international instalment of Apple’s ‘Made on iPad’ campaign. Through this project, Namon, who has been widely known as an avid iPad user, was able to try out 3D drawing for the first time.

bite ipad

“I’ve always enjoyed using the iPad, but through this project, I was especially happy that I got to fully express the emotions and imagery that this song conjured up in me with some amazing iPad apps,” said Namon. “I hope the colourful webtoon style and effects of the music video enable the listeners to appreciate the positive lyrics of this joyous song on a whole new level.” 

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The music video for ‘Bite’ is available on Jay Park’s official YouTube channel. From August 18th to the 31st, users can also watch the music video on Apple Music. They can also visit Apple Korea’s official YouTube channel to watch a behind-the-scenes clip