It Was Inevitable, China Made A PUBG Inspired Movie

If you’re into esports or FPS games in general, this newly announced action film releasing in China might be something to look forward to. With a trailer that features similar aspects to PUBG, there’s plenty of familiar elements to like.

Titled Biubiubiu, the film follows a down-on-his-luck esports streamer who decides to form his own team with his friends. Although this might not be the first time China has covered a storyline about esports as countless drama series have tackled the topic, it seems like Biubiubiu is selling itself as “the first esports battle royale film.”

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In the trailer, one can see how the video game action is handled. Instead of using CGI animation or in-game machinima for those parts, the movie relies on live-action sequences that are meant to depict the gameplay happening during the esports tournaments. And seeing as they are acted out, these sections of the film are quite impressive, to say the least.

It’s quite impossible to deny that the game depicted in the trailer looks a lot like PUBG, which isn’t quite surprising considering how popular the game is in China and globally as well. Yet, this isn’t an official tie-in with PUBG or Peacekeeper Elite or other similar games, but based on its official poster, it is obvious that the creators of the film were pulling inspiration from the fictional game.

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Biubiubiu is slated for release exclusively in China on 6 August and can be watched through the video hosting service, Youku.