Hideo Kojima Teases Mysterious New Death Stranding Game In The Works

It’s been barely even a year since the release of Death Stranding, but it looks as though Hideo Kojima has already set his sights on his next title.

Recently, Kojima posted a series of Tweets detailing his game design process with art director Yoji Shinkawa, accompanied by curious images of what looks to be a new game in the making.

Most prominently, a model of BB from Death Stranding stands out among these images, and certainly give the impression that Kojima and Shinkawa are working on a new title or sequel based on the award-winning 2019 game. Additionally, sketches of what seem like massive Star Wars-esque ships can be spotted in these Tweets, though we’re not entirely sure what they are exactly.

For all we know, the BB model in the pictures might just be a red herring, and Kojima Productions might be working on a totally different game entirely. But whatever it is, Kojima-san and his peers are definitely not resting on their laurels, despite the success of Death Stranding.

While we await an official announcement by the eccentric game developer, PC players can look forward to Death Stranding releasing on Steam on 14 July.

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