Aftershock PC

Get A PC Faster Than Next-Day Groceries With Aftershock PC

Want a PC? There’s probably a hundred different brands to choose from. Homegrown name Aftershock is certainly no stranger to this brand of variety, playing host to a notable stash of offerings that ranges from high-end gaming rigs and custom-built models to basic configurations for the everyday consumer – in both desktop and laptop forms, to boot. 

Aftershock PC

More impressive than the show of miscellany, however, are the company’s delivery times, particularly for its ready-to-ship units. Simply put, these are pre-configured systems with the most popular specifications that users want, sorted according to a level system where applicable. Level 1 is the most basic set-up, while the Supreme series and Ultimate builds reside at the top end of the spectrum.

Aftershock PC

The backend preparation makes it possible for Aftershock to deliver them right to one’s doorstep within the same day, as long as the orders are submitted before 2pm each day from Monday to Friday. There are, naturally, some exceptions to the list, but those eligible for it will have the same-day delivery tag on the store website; for those without, it’ll inform customers of the estimated delivery time once the order is placed. 

Speedy efficiency isn’t just the only trait the team takes pride in. To ensure that the ready-to-ship units are able to deliver good, consistent performance, rigorous testing at the build area has been implemented as a necessary step of the process. 

“At Aftershock, we’re very stringent with our quality control,” company co-founder Joe Wee stresses. “Every system is built, tested and checked before being wrapped for shipping, so we never skip any steps; from start to finish, the whole process has to be done properly.”

That still remains a staple service amidst the widespread industry problem of component shortages, especially for the newest NVIDIA GeForce RTX30- series GPUs. The secret lies in Aftershock’s good relationships with their suppliers, which allows them to have secure stock faster than the rest of the market to pre-configure their units. 

Stock availability is also dependent on the time of a year. The fourth quarter of the year aka Q4, covering October, November, and December, is an extremely hectic period, so stocks are likely to be highly-limited, but the company assures that it’s more than well-equipped to deal with the strain. 

The other part of shipping delays can be attributed to overwhelming orders during flash sales like 10.10 or 11.11. Customers who are unable to place their orders fast enough will be pushed to the back of the list, resulting in a longer-than-usual wait time. Here, Joe shares a tip: place the orders a day or a few hours before the event, check out for that, and you’ll get them quicker than the general crowd. In Aftershock’s case, ready-to-ship systems ship with some of the bells and whistles, including coolers and cable sleeves from trusted brands like ZOTAC, GIGABYTE, and the like. 

Built-to-order (BTO) offerings, meanwhile, are reserved for those seeking a more customised touch, or veterans who have specific tastes. Otherwise known as custom builds, this alternative goes through a more time-consuming assembly process, and usually takes three to five days to arrive on the customer’s doorstep with available stock. After making their selection and choosing their parts on the storefront, these orders are received by Aftershock, who will then put all the components together.

There may be a bit more of a wait as compared to their ready-to-ship counterparts, but the window is rather impressive, considering how fully-customised orders need some time to be put together – and that’s not counting the sheer number of units Aftershock has to assemble on a daily basis as the biggest PC brand in Singapore.

The most sought-after choice of the lot, unsurprisingly, are the laptops and desktops running on the RTX 3060 and RTX 3060 Ti graphics cards. Designed to deliver top-of-the-line visual and hardware performance, they come highly-recommended for gaming enthusiasts and content creators.

For the majority of the customers, however, value takes priority. In a market described by Joe to be “all about bang for buck,” the mid-range GPUs are the go-to for the everyday user. It all boils down to one’s needs and demands – while the RTX 3060 line-up is generally popular, the GTX 10- series meets the budgets of most customers, and his team makes sure to cover all grounds with its diverse offerings.

Beating the clock is usual business for Aftershock, and its pursuit of mastery doesn’t just stop there. The fast delivery times, particularly for the ready-for-ship models, are already a great draw by itself, and the appeal is further elevated through an additional combination of quality and variety. Good things come to those who wait? The brand proves otherwise.