Geek’s Guide To Earning Pokémon UNITE’s Currencies And Rewards

Pokémon UNITE was released for mobile on 22 September 2021, and it is awesome. Who knew that multiplayer online battle arenas (MOBA), a video game genre infamous for its ability to infuriate players, can be designed in a way that’s both accessible and friendly?

Given the way the meta of competitive games shift frequently as the player base settles on new strategies and as the developers release new patches, any specific builds and strategies about gameplay will become outdated or subpar. Besides, it is difficult to evaluate any given tier list and build without devoting dozens and dozens of hours into the game to begin with. There is more fun to be had in simply enjoying the game in its nascent phase, when there is still much room for optimisation. The gameplay of Pokémon UNITE is truly addictive, with all the excitement and strategic depth of competitive MOBAs and thrilling team fights.

However, the user interface (UI) does leave something to be desired. Multiple in-game currencies and bizarrely placed menu options make navigating the UI tedious and at times frustrating. As such, here is a quick primer on the important things to know and to look out for so you won’t miss out on any free items.

Types Of Currencies

You spend these by clicking on the shop icon, which brings you to the virtual in-game shop. There are quite a few of these, but we have summarised them here for you.

  • Aeos Coins: These are used for purchasing Unite Licenses, which will unlock Pokémons for you to use in matches permanently, and for purchasing Held Items, which are upgradeable items Pokémons can hold in matches that will give them a passive stat boost and abilities.
  • Aeos Tickets: These are used for purchasing Held Items, Item Enhancers, Battle Point boosters, Aeos Coin boosters, and fashion items. The boosters increase the amount of resources earned by players after matches for a limited period of time. Item Enhancers are used to upgrade Held Items.
  • Fashion Tickets: These are used for purchasing fashion items. These are trainer cosmetic items that give the player character, the Pokémons’ trainer, more swag.
  • Holowear Tickets: These are used for purchasing Holowear, which are cosmetic items for the Pokémons themselves. 
  • Aeos Gems: These are Pokémon UNITE’s premium currency. Which means they are used to purchase almost everything, except for some of the items that are only purchasable using Fashion Tickets and Holowear Tickets. There are certain boosters and Holowear that are exclusive to Aeos Gems though, and those can make paying for Aeos Gems tempting.

Other than the Aeos Gems, the various other currencies are gained by playing in matches, and clearing events and missions. Aeos Coins are earned directly after matches, and by completing events and missions. Aeos Tickets are earned through the Battle Pass, and also through events and missions. Finally, the Fashion and Holowear Tickets are earned by redeeming the Energy Rewards.

Energy Rewards

By clearing missions and events, players do get to earn a bunch of the above-mentioned currencies, but those are not the only things that players gain out of completing matches. They also gain Aeos Energy, and every 100 units of Aeos Energy can be exchanged for an energy reward. It is essentially a gacha system of sorts, where players will roll for a random reward. There is a limit of 30 claims per day for each player.

Battle Pass

And there are also daily and weekly Battle Pass missions that players can clear to increase their Battle Pass level, which will allow players to claim rewards, while those who purchase the premium Battle Pass will get to claim even more rewards. When players upgrade from a free Battle Pass to the premium one, they do get to claim all the previous rewards they missed out on at one shot.

Fair-Play Points

Fair-Play Points ensure that players don’t go idle in the matches or abandon a successful matchmake. Players get to claim a daily reward by maintaining their Fair-Play Points at 90 and above. For those who end up losing points, they can gain up to five points per day by completing matches without idling or abandoning them. This is essentially a free daily bonus for being a sporting player.

These are the various resources and currencies players will earn through matches. We hope that this primer clarifies the interface and various non-battle mechanics of this amazing game.