Ultimate Chicken Horse is probably the most deceptive game in my list of local multiplayer games. Decked out with pastel colours that looks like a child’s papercraft, Ultimate Chicken Horse will bring out the sadistic side of your friends in no time.

The Rules

Ultimate Chicken Horse is fast and easy as guests will get the hang of the rules in under 2 minutes. This is perfect for a party game where the rules are quick to relay and helps get everyone into the action in no time.

Ultimate Chicken Horse Review (3)
The lone Chicken takes a moment to gloat at the folly of his fallen friends.

My friends were able to get a hang of the controls in no time. If you’ve played Mario, the control scheme is exactly the same. One button helps you jump, another gives you a speed boost.

As with all Mario games, the objective of each level would be to reach the goal at the opposite side of the map, while the premise is straight-forward, this is where is gets fun.

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Why this game should be part of your Steam Box library

Getting to the end goal is easy and placing traps in the way of your friends to hinder their progress is even more fun. The game awards no points if the course is too easy, this encourages everyone’s mean streak to manifest.

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Ultimate Chicken Horse Review (1)
Get more points of completing the map, laying successful traps or completing it all by yourself.

At the end of each round, players get to choose from a variety of items that range from helpful (stairs to help bridge the gap) to deadly (cannons or a crossbow). When reaching the goal would give you a set amount of points, being able to reach the goal and kill your friends along the way nets you even more points. First one to hit the mark will be the overall winner.

Ultimate Chicken Horse Review (2)
The start of every new round becomes a literal arms race to grab the best traps.

With the game played across a series of rounds, it becomes slightly strategic when it comes to item placements. Objects placed too fast to facilitate reaching the goal might result in your “friend” immediately hindering progress with a trap. I’ve seen many rounds go past because none of the players wanted to build anything remotely useful to help them close the gap, opting to be bloodthirsty. If you’ve seen games of insane skill Mario levels, this is probably one that is made for the multiplayer setting where you get to see your friend’s reaction to dying in real time.

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While trolling might continue on hours without end, Ultimate Chicken Horse sets a hard cap with game rounds ending after a specific time period. Even within rounds, the game realizes that the round might be a lost cause, it’ll gently prompt you to give up.

Given the speed of which you can get into the game and judging from the response from the crowd on my game nights I’d consider Ultimate Chicken Horse a must buy for all Steam Box owners. Considering that even non-gamers could get into it, this will be a hit at your parties.

Support the indie developers, Clever Endeavour, and pick up the game on Steam!

Ultimate Chicken Horse is part of the Steam Box series that we’re developing on Geek Culture. We try to check out the best games, tips and tricks to bring Steam Box gaming to the next level. Let’s bring back local multiplayer for endless fun in the living room!


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Multiplayer Satisfaction10


Ultimate Chicken Horse looks great and controls well. Fast explanation of the rules helps tremendously for party settings. This game will be a hit with all crowds.