lego-movie-logoJust what on earth IS the Lego Movie Videogame?

Well, it’s kind of hard to tell from the title, so I’m gonna break it down for you. Are you ready for this?

The Lego Movie Videogame, is a… videogame, based on an animated movie, that is itself based on a hugely successful toy line that incorporates various forms of popular culture ranging from comic book superheroes, to Star Wars, the Wild West, and ninjas.

Oh yes, the pirates. Can’t forget the pirates. AAARRRR!

Yes, I know that might be a lot to take in. Just take a deep breath and let that sink in slowly, OK?

Everything Is Awesome… or is it?

Barring the occasional exception, it seemed like the only good games based on movies in recent memory have been Lego ones. TT Games has been known for their wonderful series of Lego-based videogames for several years now; they’ve somehow managed to inject their brand of quirky charm and family-friendly humor into every franchise they’ve gotten their hands on, regardless of subject matter.

It’s great to be a Master Builder.

In a way, The Lego Movie Videogame represents the ultimate culmination of these efforts. With quite literally the entire stable of Lego-licensed franchises at their fingertips, how could this possibly go wrong?

… Psst, this is the part where you’re supposed to think that something HAS gone wrong.

But no, everything’s just fine and dandy! What a twist!

Bricks, cones and everything in between

The core gameplay in The Lego Movie Videogame hasn’t deviated much from the usual Lego game formula, and neither has the story; the entire game is essentially an interactive version of the film from start to finish, with actual movie footage interposed between gameplay segments for narrative purposes.

If anyone asks, wizards did it.

Players take on the role of Emmet, the bumbling, yet lovable, protagonist of the film, as well whoever else happens to be along for the ride as the storyline dictates.

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Principle cast members Vitruvius, (eventual) love interest Wyldstyle, and fan-favourite Batman (Batman!) are just a small sample of the myriad supporting cast members whom are playable.

And what a supporting cast it is! The selection of available characters in the game borders on ridiculous. Just like in previous Lego titles, you can choose to replay previous missions with any unlocked character in order to make use of their unique abilities. If you’ve ever wanted to form a tag-team of Abe Lincoln and Gandalf the Grey, or curb-stomp your way through the game as Superman and Wonder Woman, you can!

Pièce de résistance

There’s really not all that much more to say about The LEGO Movie Videogame; it doesn’t really bring anything particularly new to the table, but even so, it remains an excellent entry in the Lego videogame series, with enjoyable gameplay, light-hearted humor, and sheer variety in terms of playable characters and environments, not to mention the replay value for oodles of wholesome family fun!

So yes, it IS awesome! Didn’t see that coming, did you?

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