Geek Review: igloohome Rim Lock (For Metal Gates) & Key Fob

Having reviewed igloohome’s Push-Pull Mortise smart lock earlier this year, it was only a matter of time before a decision was made about changing out that old school gate lock to a digital one as well.

After all, what’s the point on going keyless for half of your front door access?

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Enter igloohome’s Rim Lock, a smart lock for your HDB/apartment/condominium’s front gate. Much like the main door smart lock, simply close the gate and it auto locks.

If your current metal gate isn’t compatible with the Rim Lock or you just want to take the opportunity to finally get rid of your old and/or hideous gate, the good folks over at An Digital Lock have a wide selection starting from S$680. Plus, they are the preferred partner for igloohome, so you can be sure their gates will have no issues mounting the Rim Lock.

I took the opportunity to upgrade my metal gate to a solid, modern looking gate to match the main door and its smart lock. An Digital Lock also offers a custom laser cut unit number on the gate for a S$100 top up.

The igloohome Rim Lock measures in at 17cm tall, 7cm wide and 2cm thick on the front panel. On the inside, the lock runs thicker at 6.5cm. This is due to a rounded protrusion with a keyhole to allow for the manual unlock key (in the unlikely situation where you’ll need to manually unlock the lock). Appearance-wise, the sleek, all-black glossy front panel of the lock reveals the digital number pad when touched. With the Rim Lock, one doesn’t need a handle on the gate as you can simply push or pull the gate once it unlocks. It comes packed with 2 RFID tags, 2 RFID stickers, a pair of keys and a Key Fob (more on this below).

The Rim Lock comes with free installation provided by igloohome. Once again, the installation process is very professionally handled and done within 30 minutes. This is the case when installing it on a new gate with no pre-existing lock, so expect for it to take longer otherwise.

Ease of Access

Similar to the Push-Pull Mortise smart lock, the Rim Lock offers the same multiple ways to unlock the gate, minus the fingerprint option:

  1. PINs (permanent, fixed duration, recurring, or one-time)
  2. RFID keycards/tag/stickers
  3. Phone app or Bluetooth Key (sent to a guest with the phone app too)
  4. Key Fob
  5. Traditional key (only when all else fails)

Setup is quick and fuss-free with the accompanying igloohome phone app. With an intuitive and well-designed UI, it’s very easy to add the gate lock and create access for everyone in the household within minutes. It essentially works in the exact same reliable manner as explained in great detail in our earlier review of the igloohome’s Smart Mortise 2+.

There is however a slight inconvenience when trying to open the gate from the inside. The only way to unlock the gate lock from the inside is to either use the phone app to unlock it or keep the Key Fob near the gate. On one hand, for homes with little ones, this ensures they won’t be opening it easily, keeping them safe from strangers. On the other hand, it can be a tad troublesome to have the need to use the phone app to unlock it or fumble around for the Key Fob, for say that RedMart delivery or courier drop off. Additionally, in case of emergencies, such as a fire, the lock will unlock automatically when its sensors detect high temperatures (unfortunately, this is a feature we have not tested nor wish to test, but we’ll take igloohome’s word for it).

The Key Fob

One click, to open them all. If you’re not one for keypads or phone apps, there’s the Key Fob option too. Powered by a single CR2032 button battery, igloohome’s Key Fob can be easily added to both the main door lock and gate lock via the phone app. Once linked, a single press of the button on the Key Fob will unlock both the door and gate lock at the same time. This is especially useful for elderly folk and kids in the household.

More importantly, it is a means of unlocking the gate from inside of the home, otherwise you’d have to use your phone app to unlock it before you can leave your home. The Key Fob comes with a holder, which you can conveniently stick to the inside of the main door, so you can press the button to unlock the gate before sliding it out and taking it along with you.

From our tests with the Key Fob. Upon returning home and pressing on the button, it takes about 2 to 3 seconds for both the gate and door lock to detect it, and both unlocks concurrently. It is an optional accessory sold separately by igloohome, but highly recommended for the added convenience, especially when unlocking the gate from the inside.

But what happens if you misplace the Key Fob when you’re out? You can simply delete and unpair it from your phone app and locks, so your home is safe from intrusion.

Battery Life

The gate lock is powered by four AA batteries, which can power the smart lock up to 10 months of usage. A nice touch is how the phone app shows the current battery life and an estimate of how many more months it can last. Having used it for over a month, the battery level was still at 99%, with 9 more months to go before there’s a need to change batteries. However, igloohome does recommend that users replace the batteries every 8 to 10 months to prevent incidents of battery leakage.

What happens in the unlikely situation when the batteries run flat though? As with most digital smart locks, there is the option of using a 9V battery on the front panel of the gate lock to jumpstart the lock, so you can use your PIN to get in. If that fails for some reason, there is always the physical key that you can use to manually unlock the gate.


Once again, the Rim Lock does not disappoint, and makes for a great addition to any homeowner’s gate security solution, especially if you’re already using an igloohome smart lock for the main door. The added convenience of being able to use a Key Fob to unlock both the gate and door lock simultaneously with a single press of a button gives an added reason to purchase an additional one or two more (sold separately at S$45) for other household members. The Rim Lock is reasonably priced at S$599, which is inclusive of free installation. As mentioned earlier, you can easily check if your current gate is compatible with the Rim Lock via igloohome’s compatibility guide here. If it’s not compatible, fret not, the good folks at An Digital Lock can get your gate swapped out prior to installing the Rim Lock.



The perfect companion for your metal gate, especially if you already have or planning to get an igloohome smart lock for your main door. The locks compliment each other and unlocks simultaneously when paired with the optional Key Fob accessory.

  • Aesthetics - 9/10
  • Build Quality - 9/10
  • Performance - 9/10
  • Value - 9/10
  • Geek Satisfaction - 9/10