Geek Review: To The Rescue

Geek Preview: Build Your Dream Dog Shelter With “To The Rescue!”

If you’re a big fan of dogs and simulation games, Little Rock Games might have just the concoction for you, because they will be releasing their upcoming dog shelter simulation game To The Rescue!

To The Rescue! is essentially a dog shelter simulation game where you get to run your own dog shelter, take care of over a dozen cute dogs in need and find them the proper homes they deserve!

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Check out our 30 minutes gameplay of the demo preview here:

The game originally started as a hobbyist project by developers Olivia Dunlap and Tanner Marshal when they were in their undergrad studies at Little Rock. It was eventually picked up by the studio after they released their first game, Galactic Scoundrels, back in 2018.

The charming 2D simulation game was put on a Kickstarter campaign and raised over US$35,000 with 1,241 backers and it helped the team to continue development on the game before they were partnered with publisher Freedom Games to release the game this year.

To The Rescue! will feature over 30 different types of dogs with unique personalities and traits, and allow players to customise their own dream dog shelter using different rooms, upgrades, and character skills.

To contribute and support real-world charity, 20% of the game’s profit will actually go towards their charity partner The Petfinder Foundation, more information will be announced at a later stage.

To The Rescue! will be releasing on PC via Steam, macOS and Nintendo Switch this Fall 2021.