Experience George Orwell’s Animal Farm As A Video Game This December

First announced back in August 2020, Orwell’s Animal Farm is a video game adaptation of George Orwell’s classic 1945 satirical novella of the same name. Developed by Nerial and The Dairy Men, it has been announced that the game will be dropping on 10 December, with a short trailer released alongside the announcement.

In this narrative-driven game, players will be placed in charge of assigning tasks to fellow animals, choosing the law that governs the farm, and slowly corrupting the animals on the farm by determining the benefits they get. You’ll also have to use some strategic planning to ensure that the farm’s population remains happy while you manage its resources. All of this will be experienced in gorgeous hand-drawn storybook-style art.

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According to the developers of the game, Orwell’s Animal Farm will feature familiar characters for those that have read the novel it is based on such as Boxer the horse, though the narrative choices in the game will allow players to expand upon Orwell’s story and spread Animalism beyond the farm they started in.

The original 1945 novel told the story about a group of farm animals who revolted against their farmers and started building a society of their own, all while being led by two pigs Snowball and Napoleon. Though the animals were first told that “All animals are equal,” they slowly learn that in fact, “Some animals are more equal than others.” 

Orwell’s novel was meant to critique the totalitarian and communistic regimes that were around at the time, but manages to remain relevant to this day. 

If you’d like to keep an eye on the game, you can wishlist it over on Steam. The game will also be releasing on mobile for those that wish to play it on the go. 

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