Dungeons & Dragons Takes Players To The World Of Faerie In “The Wild Beyond the Witchlight”

Dungeons & Dragons, the most popular tabletop role-playing game (TTRPG) in the world, has released the first adventure set in Feywild, the plane of Faerie. The Wild Beyond the Witchlight takes players and Dungeon Master (DM) alike on a fantastical romp through the Witchlight Carnival. The carnival occurs once every eight years, spreading joy one settlement at a time, and promises to be one unforgettable whimsical adventure.

This is one adventure that offers something different to both newcomers and veteran players alike. With an almost essential session zero that integrates the early story beats into the character generation process, The Wild Beyond the Witchlight acknowledges the playerbase’s desire for more focus on storytelling over combat.

Which is why this adventure is one that can be completed and enjoyed fully without ever resorting to fantasy violence. Playing the carnival games around the fairground, building up to a dramatic heist, and performing in a theatrical production are just a few things players’ characters will be able to attempt.

This is Dungeons & Dragons at its most whimsical. It offers a great starting point for new DMs with its extra pages of notes and tips, and also for new players with the more prescriptive session zero. The Wild Beyond the Witchlight may be the stoke the fire for a new hobby in many.

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