Dbrand Challenges Sony’s Legal Action By Releasing New Darkplates 2.0 For PS5

When humans learned to harness the power of fire, it propelled us onto the path towards the peak of the food chain, and it was the crucial domino that led to civilisation as we know it. Perhaps this is why some people enjoy playing with fire.

Dbrand, a tech accessories brand that made black PlayStation5 (PS5) plates, called Darkplates, to replace PS5’s white ones, decided to taunt Sony to sue them a few months ago. It worked, Sony threatened to take legal action, and the original Darkplates were pulled from market. The design of the original Darkplates was too close to the original, it seems.

Now, Dbrand is introducing the Darkplates 2.0, which feature vents for ventilation. Not only that, the product page is irreverent, provoking Sony to go through with the legal threats. The tagline of the product is “checkmate, lawyers”, so the brand isn’t subtle about where they stand. Even if Sony were supportive of console customisation, taunting them seems like a risky move.

The aftermath of this incident could lead to PS5 customisation options becoming commonplace, or it could mean a complete shut down of it. For now, we’ll be munching on our popcorns to see what comes out of it.