Aftershock PC Ultra-Labs Now Builds Your One-of-a-Kind Custom Design Dream Machine

A decade after AFTERSHOCK PC made its name in helping PC owners build better, more powerful desktops and laptops to compete with machines from more well-known and established brands, the Singapore start-up is looking to transform the DIY game by empowering individuals to build, customise and more importantly, design their own one-of-a-kind PC rig.

This shift towards greater personalisation isn’t new, as the 11-year-old stalwart in the PC scene has noted that a growing number of users are more than happy to add a touch of personal preference to the exterior of their PC case, from self-designed artwork to their own signature. The creation of the AFTERSHOCK ULTRA-LABS represents a commitment to the craft of customisation, as it seeks to help future owners looking for more than just a Lian-Li O11 Dynamic case take things up a notch or two.

Every rig coming out from the new division is a one-of-a-kind dream machine that’s been purpose-built based on customer desires, from custom fan grills, graphic card backplates, glass engraving, and panel prints, to open loop liquid cooling PC builds – the variations are potentially limitless. But the greatest strength of ULTRA-LABS lies in its ability to realise an individual’s dream: simply dream of your custom PC design, and the team will be able to bring it to life. 

aftershock ultra labs

It all starts with selecting an AFTERSHOCK PC chassis on their website. With a collection of over 15 stunning chassis to choose from, customers will be spoilt for choice. Customers can take their time to browse and find the perfect chassis that matches their style and preferences. 

The real excitement kicks in once we have the chassis out of the way. While the main purpose of a GPU is to make your games look good, not many folks have given the same interest in making the actual hardware look all shiny and pretty. A custom backplate for an additional S$150 is one way to spruce things up, and that’s where the ULTRA-LABS boys step in to shine.

aftershock ultra labs

The process begins with the base GPU. Once a design has been decided upon, a laser cutter will cut an acrylic sheet into the exact dimensions for it to be printed on. For that added bling, a set of light strips can be attached to the backplate, which then goes on the GPU, completing the transformation. 

aftershock ultra labs

With this modification, there’s even more glow within your rig itself that doesn’t come off as overly blinding. There’s a nice gentle warmth emanating from it, and the ULTRA-LABS team has made sure to carefully calibrate the hardware so you won’t be staring into the flood light when admiring your brand-new custom rig.

The extent of customisation isn’t just limited to backplate customisation. AFTERSHOCK ULTRA-LABS also offers the option for glass panel laser etching for an additional S$75, which exudes a different stylistic look. Take this koi design, for instance – its crisp, clean line art brings a sophisticated and chic flavour to an otherwise plain panel. 

Another key piece of customisation that elevates a build is the inclusion of an external LED panel for an additional S$199.

While usually used as an additional monitor to display the rig’s performance, a better approach would be to add some custom animation of your favourite waifu or husbando, so the appeal increases tenfold. 

Given the number of design options, one of the key pieces of customisation would come in the form of full panel customisation for an additional S$75, with the option of front, side, back, and top panel. It’s a simple way to give your rig a visible upgrade with minimal fuss. Based on the team’s past efforts it seems that no request is impossible and given how the designs can even have a continuous flow around the edges affords even more creative opportunities.

Delving into the innards of the rig once again, no part is too small as even fan grills can be modified accordingly as well for an additional S$60. If there isn’t a design that catches your fancy, the team is able to create one from scratch to fit your specific needs as well.

aftershock ultra labs

All of this can come off as pretty overwhelming but the key part here is look out for the “STYLING tab” as you start your PC-building journey with AFTERSHOCK PC. Over here, you’d be able to uncover a wealth of options to give your device a bit more personality to distinguish it from the pack.

As they say, the whole is greater than the sum of its parts. It can be challenging to see how the magic comes together individually, but the ULTRA-LABS team’s track record has shown that they certainly know their stuff. 

The brand’s expertise in personalising machines is hardly surprising, considering that they are the same folks who built the “One-Rig” to rule them all, and pieced together the all-powerful machine made from LEGO.

Herein lies the big question: how much is an AFTERSHOCK ULTRA-LABS custom build going to cost? Such builds aren’t easy to turn into reality, and the time spent, materials, and specific technical knowledge don’t come cheap. 

If you would like to customise the individual components, the individual prices will be listed in the styling tab on the website configurator – GPU Backplate (+S$150), Panel prints / laser etching (+S$75), Custom fan grill (+S$60). However, for a fully bespoke themed build such as their famed ‘Bubble Tea PC’, you can book a free consultation with the ULTRA-LABS team to customise and design your PCs from scratch. Most bespoke PCs start from S$8,000.

Interested parties can contact the AFTERSHOCK PC Ultra-Labs team direct to kick start the process. Fair warning, though – we’re pretty sure that after the first visit, it’ll be hard to go back to the plain case design you have sitting on your desk at home right now.